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  • Best coffee in Kyoto – % Arabica @mattertaste
    One of the very first things I research when I plan to visit a new place is coffee. Right after doing a sketch version of the itinerary, I type in google: “best coffee in [city/suburb]“. Sometimes I hit the??jackpot and find really good r ...

Food >

  • Travel Eats: Shake Shack Union Station The Dining Traveler
    If you follow along, you know my fascination with the food at airports, hotels, and train stations. Recently, I had the chance to get a behind the scenes tour of Shake Shack Union Station. ??I love this place!?? I fell in love with the smokeshack bur ...

Food >

  • Museum of American History Food History The Dining Traveler
    Editor’s note: ??Ana, our Dining Traveler DC Events contributor had the opportunity to go behind the scenes of the Museum of American History Food History After Hour series??on the American Kitchen. ??Sadly enough, I was traveling during these ...

Madrid >

  • Toledo: A Day trip from Madrid The Dining Traveler
    When I lived in Brussels, Madrid was one of my go-to cities for a weekend escape. It’s the perfect destination with its great restaurants, amazing food, and culture.?? However, there is much to discover just a day trip from Madrid.?? During one ...

Las Vegas >

  • Caesar’s Palace – Las Vegas @BrenR1958
    During our holiday to the USA back in May 2015… we spent three nights/two full days in Las Vegas. ??Gambling is not for me but whilst there we did manage to do a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon and see ‘The Million Dollar Quartet ...

Yosemite >

  • Yosemite… yet again. @BrenR1958
    Now I don’t know about you… but sometimes a place holds a very important place in our hearts. A place where you could visit and visit and never get bored with. ??A place where the scenery changes.. the views always look spectacular and a ...

Trekking >

  • Glacier National Park Part 3: hiking with kids @2Traveldads
    Previously, we told the story of being stuck in just one portion of Glacier National Park (blog post here).  The great thing about being “stranded” in Many Glacier was the ample opportunities to hike.  The Many Glacier Valley is ...

Laos >

  • Vang Vieng, Laos @DrifterPlanet
    Vang Vieng is a small town in Laos along the Nam Song River. Reaching Vang Vieng The usual way of reaching Laos or Lao is by road. You can take a bus from Bangkok over the friendship bridge boarder to Vientiane, which is the capital of Laos. Border ...

Bangkok >

  • Bangkok in ONE Day @DrifterPlanet
    Bangkok city has been the gateway to SE Asia for many backpackers for the last few decades. It is the same place where Richard (Leonardo DiCaprio) arrived to start his adventures in “The Beach” movie. My numerous visits to Bangkok have be ...

Cancun >

  • Westin Cancun Experience el Mundo Ok
    Who has not dreamed of visiting Cancun! This Mexican paradise bathed by the Caribbean Sea, located on the Yucatan Peninsula in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. Miles??of pristine waters and beaches of fine white sand. A majestic sun throughout the ...

Orlando >

  • Vacation Rental of the Week: Orlando, Florida @RoveratHome
    It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for our Stylish Vacation Rental of the Week! Today, we’re off??to a themed vacation home in Orlando, Florida. This is a??fun family getaway if you’re thinking of taking the kids to see Mickey.??Eac ...

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