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  • Cruise News @Travelwrite1
    Cruises International boss scoops award, European Waterways, introduces two new “Wine Appreciation” voyages and if you book an Experiences of Discovery with Crystal Cruises before May 31 you'll get $500 off the cruise fare.

Family >

  • Family Travel Series: Travel in an RV full-time @ytravelblog
    Welcome to our family travel series where we interview other family travelers to show you how they make travel with kids a reality. You’ll hear from budget travelers, luxury travelers, families with babies, long-term travelers,??digital nomads? ...

Family >

  • How to Raise Bilingual Kids for Busy Parents @almostfearless
    I know it’s not surprising, since??I just wrote a book about it, but I think everyone should raise their kids with two??languages. It helps kids academically, it makes them more conscious of other cultures and improves social skills, it increas ...

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Japan >

Caribbean >

  • Argh: When Pirates Ruled the Caribbean @huffposttravel
    The music swells, the pirates - the good guys in the movie - let out a great hurrah and Captain Blood (Errol Flynn) gives us a boyishly handsome grin as his guns blast an enemy galleon into toothpicks. I've seen Michael Curtiz' old movie Captain B ...

Budapest >

  • Places to visit in Budapest @Tropical_Nomad
    Budapest is a place that gathers many sights that are impossible to see elsewhere – it’s historical and cultural influence and value cannot be underestimated. There are so many things to see and to do that having visited it once you will ...

Biking >

New York >

  • Cocktail Tales: New York Sour @spencerspellman
    Welcome to “Cocktail Tales,” a new series that I’ll be doing on WTG. Each post, or rather, tale, will feature a different classic cocktail, where I’ll be coming to you with the 4-1-1 on its history, the traditional (or close t ...

Paris >

  • Packing for Paris @RickGriffin
    We’re packing for Paris!!!! ??Later this week we’ll board an airplane, cross the pond, and land at Charles de Gaulle airport before embarking on a??week long adventure in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. We have an exciting ...

Caribbean >

Zambezi >

  • Zambezi Horse Trails of Victoria Falls @huffposttravel
    I had a morning, but my day really began at 15:30 when a man named Joseph arrived at Shoestring Lodge Backpackers Hostel to pick me up and take me to Zambezi Horse Trails.?? We stopped to pick up a Gail and Faye, a really nice American mother and dau ...

Indonesia >

  • One week in central Java, Indonesia @ouroyster
    There is loads of do and explore in central Java, Indonesians most populated island. You won’t need too much help filling your time in Indonesia. The challenging part of travel in Java, is doing it when you only have a limited amount of time. O ...

Philippines >

  • Trash segregation in the Philippines! @MindanaoBob
    Davao CENRO I’m applying for a business license here in Davao City. One of the requirements is to attend a seminar for “The City Environment and Natural Resources Office” (they called it CENRO). It’s the garbage disposal/colle ...

Road Trip >

  • Savai’i Road Trip @openroadb4me
    I open the throttle and the engine roars — all 110cc of it. Melissa and I perch on the seat of the little Suzuki scooter — bags strapped to our backs and chests, respectively — as it works its way up to cruising speed. The sky is a ...

Train >

  • Cross Country Train Trip on Amtrak @RickGriffin
    Riding the rails on a cross country train trip had been on our Bucket List for a long time. So when Amtrak offered to take us from Chicago to Los Angeles aboard the Southwest Chief, we jumped at the chance! It was an adventure of a lifetime that incl ...

Barcelona >

  • Secret Seven: Barcelona @urbantravelblog
    Rock out at Anti-Karaoke, share a paella with Spain’s most wanted gangster or enjoy a night of saucy stanzas at a poetry brothel… The Editor assembles an??eclectic list??of top things to do in Barcelona! They don’t call her The Grea ...

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Costa Rica >

  • Eco-tourism in Costa Rica @RickGriffin
    On a recent trip to Costa Rica, I learned first hand why eco-tourism is a phenomenal way to travel throughout the tropics. Eco-tourism gives value to the existing forest as well as adding value to reforestation projects. Traveling to the tropics not ...

South Carolina >

  • Can’t Miss Attractions in South Carolina @RickGriffin
    South Carolina is a state that is heralded as one of the premier touring destinations of the country – its rich historic background, beautiful and diverse nature, as well as a vibrant cultural life make it a perfect place for a getaway with fam ...