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  • Give yourself permission to enjoy some luxury @candicewalsh
    I talk like I’m a seasoned backpacker, or something. Like my 65-litre pack isn’t filled with frilly dresses and shampoos. Or five different shades of nail polish and a pound of halva. Since I left for Greece at the beginning of February ...

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  • My Kauai Base Camp @ottsworld
    A place to rest my muddy feet in Kauai I walked into base camp covered in mud and sweat, carrying my camera and backpack. I must have looked exhausted to those around me as they stared at me bit too long. I couldn’t wait to clean up, get some f ...

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  • How to spend 3 Days in Rio de Janeiro during World Cup 2014 @J_Travel_On
    Brazil is at the very heart of the world of travel this summer, with Rio at the center. As a major Brazilian port and a predominant host city during the World Cup Tournaments, it is definitely the city to visit! Spending time in Rio de Janeiro allows ...

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  • 11 Spectacular Fortresses In Serbia @TrueNomads
    Serbia, as with many other old European countries , boasts a rich historical heritage that involved numerous wars and struggles, and as you already know, mighty citadels were the main line of defense during medieval times. As such, Serbia is ...

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  • Let me tell you a little about Seoul @greenhrttravel
    Last weekend I went into Seoul for the second time. Oh before anything. If you haven’t heard about the the horrible accident that happened last week about the ferry sinking let me give a really quick summary. Last a ferry traveling from Seoul t ...

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  • Directory of Doctors and Hospitals in Mexico @mexperience
    Mexico has one of the most interesting and unexpectedly enlightened medical systems in the world. From its long and ancient history of herbalism and healing, to today’s modern health centers which offer patients the latest technologies in medi ...

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  • Following the Mississippi River – Memphis & Columbus @technomadia
    We were on our way to Memphis to rendezvous with our friends Kristin & Jason when we had our ‘brake-down’. Chilling in Memphis After getting back on the road nearly 24-hours later, we made the final two hour drive and happily parked n ...

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  • Cruising Myth vs Fact @middleseatview
    When I told people that I was headed on my seventh cruise this week, some people raised an eyebrow & told me that they’d “never go on a cruise.” Here’s a look at five cruise myths vs fact: 1. Myth: “Cruises are all a ...

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  • On a Road Trip in Spain @PinayTraveller
    I can’t begin to describe to you just how tired I am. Since touching down in Barcelona two days ago, my team and I haven’t stopped walking. Okay, that just sounds silly. Of course we have stopped walking for meals and for sleep. But it FE ...

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  • Louisiana Movies: J'ai E`te` au Bal Living Rootless
    Cleoma Breaux and Joe Falcon, Cajun performers. Source: Old Weird AmericaThere aren't many documentaries as entertaining as this one. You want to smile for an hour and a half, this is the movie for you. It's "J'ai Ete au Bal" - I Went to the Dance, f ...

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  • Krakow, Poland An American in Italy
    Krakow, Poland wasn’t even on my list of places to visit, but a friend in Florence had lived there for 4 years and loved it and was returning for a visit and invited me to go along. Boy am I glad that I did!

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  • Maldives on a Budget | Travel with a Group @marxtermind
    Never I had imagined that I'll be visiting a world's paradise sooner. Paradise they say but a destination that wasn't part of my travel plans before. It wasn't even my dream... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for ...

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  • Top 5 peaceful destinations in India to flush your stress @tripwolf
    TweetGuest article by Anshul Srivastava.   India is the country that boasts several entrancing tourist destination offering outstanding picturesque panoramas. On the other hand, the real challenge is to find a place at which the environs are ext ...

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  • Trying Not to Melt in Penang @AliAdventures7
    Our time in Penang was a bit strange. We never planned on stopping there, but we weren’t able to book train tickets from Thailand to Kuala Lumpur. Rather than take an extremely long bus trip all the way, it made sense to break up the journey wi ...