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  • Caribbean Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals @justatraveler
    The Fairmont Princess Hotel - BermudaBermuda's Pink PalaceJust a few suites are available for Cyber Monday! The first travelers who manage to book on December 1, 2014 will have the opportunity to save 50% off on a two-night stay. Once the 1 ...

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  • 6 Tips to Find Cheap Accommodation in Sydney
    While planning a trip to Sydney, the most important part is choosing an accommodation. This is especially true if you are travelling on a budget. The less you pay for hotels, the more you have left to explore the beauties of the city, not mention spe ...

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  • Young Asian Farmers who Travel @gracebangoy
    Once, I met a German girl who visited Bohol, Philippines with her boyfriend. I asked her what she does for a living, and she said, she milk cows… Wow… that’s what she do and yet she can still travel around. Well, times are changing ...

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  • Royal Chundu - African Utopia @huffposttravel
    Photo credit: Royal Chundu As I waved goodbye and the shuttle bus drove away from Royal Chundu Zambezi River Lodge, I unexpectedly found myself cornering a tear. The kindness the staff had bestowed on me during my two night stay had quietly unstitch ...

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  • {Germany} U-Bootmuseum Hamburg @jennifuchs
    What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘submarine’? The colour yellow? Torpedoes? Epic war movie Das Boot? Whatever it is, submarines seem to hold a fascination for many people, so when I heard there was an U-Boo ...

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  • The Allegrini Wine Dinner at Villa Danieli @cumidanciki
    We were back at??Villa Danieli last week for an Allegrini wine dinner. The best of North Italy is embodied in the??wines of Allegrini, so I am told. The??family-run estate that have been working the vineyards since the??16th century and are famed for ...

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  • How I Found Inner Peace in Athens Greece @vagobond
    If you’ve ever talked with someone that’s been to Athens, chances are the words that you’ve heard are dirty, polluted, crowded and of course magnificent, cultural, and educational.... Come to Vagobond to read the rest - it's better ...

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  • Experience Mexico’s Copper Canyon @mexperience
    People often ask us for a list of ‘must-see’ places to visit in Mexico.?? No such list would be complete without inclusion of one of the most breath-taking travel experiences Mexico has on offer: Barrancas de Cobre – Copper Canyon ...

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  • Good Morning, Dubai! @docgelo
    I got introduced to a creative and meaningful art project by the London-based artist, IMPREINT and I decided to participate.??His impressive project called, PORTRAITS??has been running for 11 months to date, with collaborations from various people fr ...

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    I went to Alaska and came back with a Ziplock of smoked salmon, a bag of Juneau coffee beans, and a ton of Instagram photos. (View them all here.) Alaska was like the Pacific Northwest on crack. If a constant trifecta of snow-capped mountains, lush g ...

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  • Wat Jetlin (Chedlin) in Chiang Mai @TLWH
    Wat Jetlin or Chedlin in Chiang Mai Thailand My favorite Wat in Chiang Mai is Wat Jetlin There’s rarely buddhist temple in Thailand that doesn’t have more than one name. Wat Jetlin is also known as Wat Jet Lin, Wat Chedlin and??Wat No ...