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Sri Lanka >

  • Travel Photo of the Day: Rawana Ella, Sri Lanka @beontheroad
    Located in the Central highlands of Sri Lanka, Rawana Ella is a beautiful waterfall and one that has rich mythological significance. According to the Hindu epic Ramayana, when Ravana kidnapped Sita from Ayodhya, he hid her here behind this waterfall ...

Argentina >

  • Plaza de Mayo: the Hub of Political Life in Argentina @xiaozhuli
    In Buenos Aires, we usually stay in the Microcentro, either close to the pedestrian streets of Florida and Lavalle, either close to the Avenida 9 de Julio. This time, we are next door to the Plaza de Mayo. This is not your usual boring plaza featurin ...

Dubai >

  • 10 Awesome Things To Do in Dubai @backpackerbrock
    Before I travelled to Dubai for the first time, I had heard a lot about it. Mainly that it had the biggest, tallest, greatest of pretty much everything. It is a city made wealthy by the discovery of oil but made famous by it’s pursuit to be num ...

Mexico >

  • Day Trip to Colima and Comala, Mexico @BarefootNomads
    Right before the holidays, I had the opportunity to travel to Manzanillo, Mexico with my sister. We both had a great time learning about the area and sampling everything from amazing Mexican food to driving up a mountain on an ATV. You can read my fi ...

Scotland >

El Salvador >

  • Arrests of officers in Jesuit case roil El Salvador @luterano
    Last weekend, El Salvador's police arrested four former military officers sought under an international arrest warrant issued by a court in Spain in the case of the 1989 Jesuit murders.   El Salvador's police captured only 4 of the 17 military o ...

Stockholm >

Barcelona >

  • Barcelona Bests @RickGriffin
    by Jeannine Henderson,??Midlife Road Trip Correspondent Having lived in Barcelona while studying abroad, I get asked what to see and do regularly… so often that I have an email saved in my draft folder that I edit accordingly and send out upon ...

Road Trip >

  • Midlife Road Trip Spotlighted on Expedia @RickGriffin
    Midlife Road Trip is??honored to be??spotlighted??on Expedia’s Viewfinder blog. ??Thanks to our famous blogger friends, Captain and Clark, for making us sound better than we really are! Click the picture below to read the article. The post Midl ...

Road Trip >

  • Midlife Road Trip on CBS @RickGriffin
    Midlife Road Trip was????recently interviewed by Heather Landon of CBS about How to Tackle Your Travel Bucket List. The article was published in 22 major markets! Click the image below to read the article. The post Midlife Road Trip on CBS appeared f ...

Israel >

  • Israel Tour Operators Choose Greece @gtpgr
    IMTM 2016 – GNTO Secretary General Dimitris Tryfonopoulos and Israel Tourism Minister Yariv Levin at the Greek stand. Leading tour operators of Israel are planning to have Greece as the venue for their annual conference this autumn, according t ...

Dubai >

  • 10 Facts about Dubai that might surprise you @RickGriffin
    by Kaelyn Mostafa, Midlife Road Trip Correspondent After enduring a 12.5 hour flight, I arrived at Dubai International Airport early Friday morning (or late Thursday night in America). When I first told people that I was spending the summer in Dubai, ...

Porto >

  • Porto, Portugal: Livraria Lello & Irmao @Ladyexpat
    Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday, week 265 (2/11/2016), and Porto’s stunning Livraria Lello & Irmao. We’re pretty easy going here at BTS, but please remember to follow a few guidelines… To join in the Travel Phot ...

Texas >

  • Austin Texas is Weird #DMAI15 @RickGriffin
    Austin, Texas is weird and we love it! Austin is known for incredible food and fantastic music and #SXSW ... Take a behind the scenes peek at what weird about Austin! And .. another check off our Bucket List! The post Austin Texas is Weird #DMAI1 ...

Jamaica >

California >

  • 4 Reasons I Fell in Love with California @RickGriffin
    California holds 1st place as most popular of the United States for various reasons. Being such an outdoorsy, free-spirited wanderer, I had always felt drawn to experience California for myself as I am highly intrigued by the many natural features th ...

Maui >

  • Maui Paddlesports His Way / Her Way @RickGriffin
    Sandi and I are very different travelers. I’m a Southerner with a thirst for adventure and Sandi is a Northerner who leans towards leisure. Because we have contrasting views about what to see, do, and eat in just about every destination we visi ...

Trekking >

  • Trek au Cirque de Mafate @VoyagesLVNP
    La R??union, Trek au cirque de Mafate / 2012 / DOS D’??NE OU MA??DO ? Questions essentielles pour un trek au cirque de Mafate... Cet article Trek au Cirque de Mafate est apparu en premier sur Les vents nous portent.

Solo >

  • Breaking Down Barriers: Solo vs. Group Travel @lunaticatlarge
    This post is brought to you by Contiki and Travel Mindset. My very first big trip abroad as an “adult” was my senior Spring Break to Italy; a dozen or so classmates, my AP English teacher, the vice principal and a handful of our moms too ...

Minnesota >