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  • Montreal Street Art; “Tales and Legends” @malloryontravel
    Iain MalloryIainMallory Street art is popular in Montreal, turning plain, boring buildings into colourful, and vibrant works of art. It even has a mural festival celebrating talented local artists, providing them with ample ‘canvases&rsq ...

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  • After One Month in Macedonia @for91days
    Our first month has come to an end, and we’re starting to realize how much we underestimated Macedonia! It’s small in size, but definitely not lacking in big-time sights. So far, our explorations have focused on Skopje and a few cities in ...

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  • Hua Hin beaches & massage @DWJustTravel
    It is easy to get lost in Hua Hin Thailand. From the airport in the north to the other end of the district in the south it already spans a total of 15 km. If you add Cha Am in the north all the way to the Khao Sam Roi national park in the south, the ...

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  • Freedom to Practice in Rome, Italy @wesaidgotravel
    Although her eyes are full of tears, my mother smiles, waving me on and mouthing, Go!, as I walk away from them and into the security line. I really don’t know how to feel about a year studying abroad in Spain. Excitement, anxiety, uncertainty ...

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  • Dubai For Less Than $25 A Day @AgnessTramp
    The post Dubai For Less Than $25 A Day appeared first on When a place is known as the ‘city of gold,’ it’s easy to assume that it will be very expensive. While Dubai certainly caters to the more affluent among us, the ...

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  • Cyprus: Birthplace of Aphrodite @tripwichmag
    By Denise Mattia ?? From craggy paths leading to sun-bleached ancient villas and hilltop monasteries, to narrow cobblestone streets leading to wineries and taverns, to luxurious beach resorts overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus ripples with lif ...

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  • About automatic gratuities on cruise ships
    Cruise question of the day: What do you think about cruise gratuities? On some cruise lines (like Crystal Cruises featured in the photo above), gratuities are automatically included in the cruise fare. On other cruise lines, passengers will have an o ...

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  • California Style Breakfast Scramble @RTWkatiedays
    California has got to be one of the coolest states in the USA. It is so diverse, both in the kinds of people, the climate, and the terrain. I have been to California many times in my life: skiing in Lake Tahoe, surfing in Santa Monica, biking throug ...

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  • Deep Sea Fishing in the Florida Keys @SeattlesTravels
    There’s something you may not know about me, and that’s that I love to fish. I love the entire experience from heading to the river/lake, being out on the boat, relaxing on the water, and generally just getting away from it all. I usuall ...


  • Getting a B1/B2 Visa for the USA @flashpackerfam
    The USA is a wonderful place to travel and, sometimes, the standard 90 day visa waiver just isn’t long enough to explore this vast and contrasting country. What’s more, the rules for using the visa waiver program can be beyond complicated ...

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