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  • Updated: Taking a Budget Road Trip, Part 3: Food and Drink Living Rootless
    Salt Flats Cafe, Salt Flats, TexasOn June 23, 2011, I published Taking a Budget Road Trip, Part 3: Food and Drink. This was from my Take a Road Trip series. Below is the updated version: Restaurants will eat up your budget. If you and your travel co ...

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  • Your Guide to the Maine Accent @huffposttravel
    What does it mean to talk like a Mainer? The answer is wicked complicated. Nancy Hopkins-Davisson never really heard herself until she heard herself on television. The year was 1975, and Nancy -- then just Hopkins, a high-school student born and r ...

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  • Why Cruising Is A Great Way To See The World @wadventurists
    Cruising is a great way to see the world. Once upon a time, taking a cruise meant nothing more than being able to island hop around the Caribbean. Today, cruising is so much more and is becoming one of the popular options for a holiday. With unique i ...

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  • I Attempt to Be Fashionable. Because Milan. @everywhereist
    I don’t really understand fashion. Fortunately, I live in the Pacific Northwest. In my corner of the country, I once saw someone wear cargo shorts to a wedding, and there’s a grey-haired, bearded guy who runs around my neighborhood in a r ...

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  • A Day In San Sebastian, Spain @collegetourist
    Exploring the hidden gem of Spain’s Basque Country. Basque Country is home to an independent culture, history and language that remains separate from the rest of Spain. While often left unexplored, it boasts a collection of cities unique in the ...

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  • Beijing: Hutongs uncommon travel
    There’s something fantastical about the rickety looking rickshaws that scoot around Beijing. Okay, there are humans driving the things, but they seem too casual, too hypothetical, to be in control, in the practical sense of the word. No eyes bl ...

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  • Tokyo Train Rush Hour Experience @placesandfoods
    Tokyo Train Rush Hour Experience Tokyo is well known for its large network of trains and there are thousands of commuters traveling by trains during rush hour. There are many videos on how commuters are pushed into trains and cramped like sardines in ...

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  • 10 Things to Do in Bangkok @luxtripper
    Bangkok may have a somewhat seedy reputation, but behind the brash decadence that is the much publicised face of this Thai capital??there??is another much more luxurious world waiting to be discovered. This is the side which appeals to the more disce ...

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  • Getting Outdoors @NVRguys
    Late July! What?Fittingly, as we head into the second half of summer, we're switching gears here in NVR-land. We wrapped up our LGBT travel extravaganza with our recent journey to San Diego for their yearly Pride event. While our LGBT advocacy focus ...

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